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Viewing Grades and Feedback for Assignments

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Viewing Grades and Feedback for Assignments
by ICEP Support - Monday, 19 December 2016, 11:59 AM

Good Afternoon All,

                                 Just to make you aware,grades and feedback for September 2016 Modules become available at 10 AM (GMT) on the 23rd of December(Please just go to where you originally submitted the assignment). Please view the attached video on how to see these items. If your assignment had two parts and you only see one grade,the grade that you see is for both submissions. If you have any questions in advance of this deadline,please submit them to me at the below address. Both offices close on the 23rd of December for the Festive Period and responses to emails will be limited. 

Wishing all students the very best of luck with their results.

Kind Regards


ICEP Team    00 353 1 6510915